In 2024, Can Life360 Track You When Your Oppo Reno 11 5G is off? | Dr.fone

In 2024, Can Life360 Track You When Your Oppo Reno 11 5G is off? | Dr.fone

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Can Life360 Track You When Your Oppo Reno 11 5G is off?


Did you know that your Oppo Reno 11 5G tracks your location even when turned off? And if you’re a member of any social media network, it means you could be tracked. Do you like to have your privacy? Do you want to protect your kids from being tracked by strangers?

Of course Yes! Well, then you should know that Your Oppo Reno 11 5G can track your movements even when switched off. But is that true?

In the event that you switch off your Oppo Reno 11 5G, the GPS function will also be disabled. As a result, it will not be able to determine your position when your Oppo Reno 11 5G is turned off. However, Life360 will continue to provide the most recent location data that was uploaded to your account.

Should we trust Life360, the social media company that recently merged with Google, to protect our privacy? Let’s take a look at the facts.

Part 1: What Is Life360 And How Does It Work?

The one app that kids hate and parents adore is called Life360. Life360 is monitoring software that can be downloaded into your Oppo Reno 11 5G and used by the individuals who are part of your Family Circle to monitor your location and the location of anybody else who is part of your Family Circle.

The app works by sending a request to your cellular carrier to get your location and then sending that information to the Life360 servers. In addition, life360 will store your location and send it to your social networks automatically.

Life360 is not required to track your location, but it is required to send your location to your social networks.

If you want to know more about Life360, check out our Life360 Review.

When it comes to privacy, many people are becoming more aware of how it is being violated. As a result, there’s no need to worry about whether or not the monitoring app in concern is as trustworthy as Life360.

Disconnecting from Life360 is as simple as turning off your Oppo Reno 11 5G and preventing the app from following and reporting your every step. Unfortunately, it also means that no one can see where they are about one another or how long it has been since they last updated their position.

If the necessity ever arose, such an undertaking may be useful for maintaining one’s privacy. However, customers have no idea that Life 360 may still be used to monitor them by other people.

Premium users will still have access to the last 30 days’ worth of location data, so the other person will be able to see where you were last seen.

Part 3: 3 Ways to Stop Life360 from Tracking You

1. Low Data Consumption

Disabling Life360’s Wi-Fi and Data may result in a warning to parents that their children are offline so that they can keep an eye on their kids. Does life 360 drain the battery? Low data mode is a better option for turning off life360 without alerting your parents. Go to the Settings and locate Life360; however, do not deactivate the exact location.

low data consumption

Alternatively, you should disable background app refresh, mobile network, physical activity, and WIFI to save battery life. An issue with your Internet connection will come up instead of location stopped in this situation. So don’t connect to any Wi-Fi at all.

2. Fake Locations

Using location spoofing applications on an Android smartphone, your kids can fool you into thinking they’re somewhere else. Dr.Fone - Virtual Location is a location spoofing application that will trick you into thinking that you are in a different location than you really are. The GPS position of the Oppo Reno 11 5G device will be updated to reflect the new place that you have chosen thanks to the software. It is worth noting that Dr. Fone - Virtual Location for iOS may also enable you to imitate GPS movement.

It has several other noticeable features that can help you in your daily life.

access virtual location feature

3. Setting Wi-Fi and Data Services to “Off.”

Another typical method kids use to prevent their parents from monitoring their position is to disable Life360’s Wi-Fi and Data. It works like this. If you don’t want applications updating in the background, enable power-saving mode.

Use a wired connection. Adolescents can turn off Wi-Fi and data when using the Life360 app on an iPhone. Go to Settings, look for Life360, and disable Cellular Data, Background Refresh, and Motion & Fitness. You’ll be able to keep track of where you are on Life360.

low data consumption

All these methods can be used to Stop Life360 from Tracking You. However, the best all-in-one solution is a third-party application called Dr.Fone. This Virtual Location Software helps you keep your tracking off, but you can also fake your location very easily in minutes.


Can you track a phone if the location is off? Life360 has become a standard feature of many smartphones. Parents often use it to monitor their children’s location. The fact that Life360 can be used to track users is quite disturbing. The good news is that there are ways to stop Life360 from tracking you. The best and all-in-one solution is a third-party application called Dr.Fone - Virtual Location .

3uTools Virtual Location Not Working On Oppo Reno 11 5G? Fix Now

The map frequently breaks or 3uTools is unable to retrieve it. This is because 3uTools is unable to establish a connection with the Google Maps API. Additionally, if your internet connection is unreliable, this may happen.

There isn’t much you can do if this is the reason why your 3uTools virtual location isn’t working this is a technical problem that can only be fixed by a technical expert. You could try restarting 3uTools and performing the spoofing process again to update it. You might also try switching to “Mapbox” and see if it solves the issue.

Let’s have a look at the possible working solutions for the 3utools Virtual Location Not Working problem.

Part 1: What is 3uTools VirtualLocation?

A program that can help someone manage their device is known as 3uTools. You can set a virtual location on your iPhone, iPad, or any other iDevice using the VirtualLocation option in the program. In addition, you can broadcast the location on social media and get around service and game area restrictions.

To set up 3uTools, there are only a few steps to take.

  • Step 1: Set up 3uTools on your computer first.
  • Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the PC on which you installed 3uTools in Step 2.
  • Step 3: Launch 3uTools and choose the Toolbox option from the top menu in step 3.
  • Step 4: Select the VirtualLocation icon from the toolbox.
  • Step 5: A new window will open. You can enter the longitudes and latitudes of the location you want to set in the window.
  • Step 6: Click the Modify virtual location button after entering the pertinent coordinates. You can notice the new location after a little period of time.

set up sutools

Tips: Is 3uTools Virtual Location not working? Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution! Dr.Fone - Virtual Location offers a seamless and reliable virtual location experience. Say goodbye to issues and hello to hassle-free location changes. Fix it right now with Dr.Fone - Virtual Location!

Part 2: Fix 3utools Virtual Location Not Working Issue [8 ways]

1. Solving the internet issues

Many times, 3uTools is unable to load the map, or the map crashes. The reason for this is that 3uTools is unable to connect to the Google Maps API. This can also occur if your internet connection is unstable.

If this is the cause of your 3uTools virtual location not working, there isn’t much you can do because this is a technical issue that can only be resolved by a technical expert. You might try relaunching 3uTools and repeating the spoofing procedure to refresh it. You may also try changing to “Mapbox” to see if it addresses the problem.

2. Restarting and Closing the Software

When all of the aforementioned options fail, a decent option is to close the software and restart it after a few minutes. This is because the software frequently encounters an error, which is resolved when you close the software, making this a viable choice. We would also advise you to go to the Task Manager after closing the software and End Task it.

restart the software

3. 3uTools reinstallation

The most common cause of any software not working is poor installation. Some crucial files or components of the software are left behind as a result of faulty installation. As a result, reinstallation or the usage of a different location spoofing program is the only choice remaining.

reinstall 3utools

4. Restarting Your Computer

Restarting your computer is another easy option that many 3uTools users have found useful. If your virtual location feature stops working, simply close the app and restart your computer. This would delete the software from the Random access memory, as well as any bugs or errors that were preventing it from working.

restart computer

5. Verifying the network connection and that the phone is unlocked

When you encounter a ‘not working’ problem when using the 3uTools software, the first thing you should do is check to ensure that your internet is operational and that there are no interruptions in your connections. You can resolve this by troubleshooting your internet and ensuring that its wire is correctly hooked in, as well as ensuring that your phone is already unlocked.

verify the netwrok connection

6. Checking that all dependent components have been downloaded

Another major reason why many individuals experience problems with the 3uTools program is a lack of necessary components. While dependent components are normally downloaded along with the software, this is not always the case. As a result, it is critical to check that you have downloaded all necessary components to ensure that the software works properly.

7. Changing the Source Map

Users frequently report that the map is not loaded. The maps on the 3uTools software fail to load as soon as users activate the virtual location option. You can attempt “Load embedded maps” to solve this issue.

load embedded maps

Alternatively, change the source map between Google Maps and Open Street Maps.

8. Uninstalling iTunes and rebooting your system

Many customers have reported encountering the “3uTools virtual location developer image load failed” problem, with the majority of them appearing to be iOS 17 users. 3uTools either does not load the location images or the screen becomes frozen.

Remove iTunes from your computer. Then, try restarting it. Install iTunes from the App Store once more. Restart your computer. After that, connect your iPhone to a PC and confirm that it is unlocked.

Part 3: Best 3uTools Virtual Location Alternative Program You Can Use in 2024

Stop fretting if you frequently encounter the 3uTools virtual location not working problem despite attempting various fixes. The Dr.Fone - Virtual Location is one of the best 3uTools alternatives that is still available.

The Dr.Fone - Virtual Location, a leader in the fake GPS market, is a well-reviewed and user-friendly location changer. You can easily modify your location by doing a simple drag and click. be it the adaptability, usability, or precision of the instrument. Dr.Fone is the best since it contains everything. The following are the steps to use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location to change location.

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

The best 3uTools virtual location alternative!

  • Teleport from one location to another across the world from the comfort of your home.
  • With just a few selections on your computer, you can make members of your circle believe you’re anywhere you want.
  • Stimulate and imitate movement and set the speed and stops you take along the way.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android systems.
  • Work with location-based apps, like Pokemon Go , Snapchat , Instagram , Facebook , etc.

3981454 people have downloaded it

Step 1: Open the Dr.Fone - Virtual Location application

get start the virtual location

Safe download safe & secure

To begin, you must download Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS/Android). Install and execute the software after that.

connect the Oppo Reno 11 5G device

Select “Virtual Location” from the drop-down option to connect your iPhone or Android phone to your PC. From the drop-down option, choose “Get Started” to begin the virtual location function.

If you’re playing Pokemon Go on your mobile, connect it to a computer system. When you open the Dr.Fone application, the terms and conditions will be displayed. Read them carefully, accept them, and then click ‘Get Started.’

Step 2: Teleport to any destination

You will be directed to a website that displays a global map as well as your current location on the globe. You may simply zoom in and out to get a better sense of the coordinates and location. ‘Teleport Mode’ should be selected in the upper right corner of the page.

use the teleport mode

Step 3: Practice moving between different locations

After that, you can change your current location to wherever you wish to go. This could be as close as a neighboring country or as far away as a different country. If you’re playing Pokemon Go, keep it nearby. Then choose ‘Move Here.’

change location

Step 4: Observe the location change

Your location will immediately change, and the new location will be registered on all sites you visit within a few minutes. So you’re good to go!

check the new location

You can watch the video below to fix 3uTools location issue with Dr.Fone - Virtual Location!


Now you have read about possible working solutions for 3uTools Virtual Location Not Working problem, you may not be able to implement each of them or find the reasons behind what’s happening. The simplest thing that you can do in this regard to get your problem solved immediately is to use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location which is a well-reviewed and user-friendly location changer.

Safe download safe & secure

Complete Tutorial to Use GPS Joystick to Fake GPS Location On Oppo Reno 11 5G

The web world offers many apps, including Google, Facebook, Uber, etc. that provide location-based services. This means such apps will need your location to work. However, there are some rare occasions when users don’t find this service welcoming and thus, they wish to fake GPS location.

One of the instances comprises a well-known location-based game – Pokemon Go, where users might want to mislead the app and make the phone not understand where they exactly are. There might be other cases as well. No matter what reason you want this to be done, we are here to introduce you GPS joystick app that helps you for the same. Here we go!

Part 1: Fake GPS Location - GPS JoyStick the App

GPS joystick is an app that helps the users to fake GPS with the help of an overlay joystick control. It is easy to use and works instantly when you wish to modify the GPS location. Providing a unique “Joystick” option, this app can be considered a useful fake GPS joystick apk. On a plus, the app has the best algorithm so that it can offer realistic GPS values.


  • Able to make modifications in the location wherever you point the joystick.
  • You can choose the current location with the help of a map or joystick.
  • You can also get the GPX files imported and exported to favorites, routes, or custom markers.
  • It offers a good amount of setting options to provide complete user customization.
  • You can manage the settings regarding size, type, and opacity for the joystick.
  • With the help of this fake GPS joystick apk, you can get an opportunity to show the distance and cool-down time information.
  • There is also a hide option available to help you decide whether you want to hide or show the joystick on your screen.
  • Moreover, you get 3 customizable speeds for the joystick.


  • It requires a hell lot of steps that are confusing and tough to perform.
  • Users have reported that the app only works for a few minutes after the first time of installation. Afterward, the app function to fake GPS location dies and is then good for nothing.
  • You need to be tech-savvy to fake GPS location with a GPS joystick.
  • Fake GPS joystick for Pokemon Go cannot perform well for it as reported by the users. Also, it drives the same result for other popular location-based apps or games.

Part 2: How to set up GPS JoyStick

Though, it is quite difficult to get through the process of setting up the GPS joystick apk to a fake GPS location. Remember, we’ve always got your back. Therefore, we would like to bring you up with a detailed streak of steps (if followed properly) to install and set up the fake GPS joystick apk easily.

Basically, the tutorial is categorized into 3 different streaks depending upon the different Android OS security patches and OS version. Therefore, before we begin with steps, let’s understand what you need to do to find your Android OS version or the Security Patch. Depending on the Security Patches or Android OS version, follow the tutorials mentioned below with falls compatible for your device.

  • Take your Oppo Reno 11 5G handy and launch the “Settings”.
  • Now, scroll down to the “About phone” option at the bottom and then hit on it.
  • Lastly, look for the “Android version” entry and “Android security patch level” entry from the information displayed over your screen.

Android security patch level

Note: Remember the date mentioned besides the “Android security patch level” is when it was first released. Please do not take it otherwise, that it is the date when you might have installed Google’s security patch.

2.1 For Android 6.0 and Above (New Security Patch) - AFTER March 5, 2017

If you own an Android device that runs on the Android OS version 6.0 or higher updated to “New Security Patch” released “AFTER March 5, 2017”. You need to follow the steps mentioned below.

First, you need to make sure that the Google Play Services app installed over your Oppo Reno 11 5G is running on version 12.6.85 or lower. If that’s the case, you no longer require performing the lengthy steps below. Instead, directly skip stepping number 7 below.

Note: To verify the Play Services version, launch “Settings” followed by selecting “Apps/Applications”. Scroll down to “Google Play Services” and hit on it. You will then see the app version at the top of the screen.

Google Play Services

But if that’s not the case, you’re required to disable the Play Store’s auto-updates. For this, launch the Play Store and hit the “3 horizontal bars” at the top. Then, tap on “Settings” option from the appearing left panel followed by Auto-update apps available under “General” settings. Lastly, hit on the “Do not auto-update apps” option.

Do not auto-update apps

Next, get hold of Google Play Services (an older version) from the link here:

Note: Ensure to download the Google Play Services apk file that is closest to your Android version. But, remember not to install it now.

Once done, if “Find My Device” is enabled over your device, you need to get it disabled too. To do this, get into “Settings” followed by “Security & Location”. Now, hit on “Find my device” and toggle it off.

Find my device

Likewise, disable “Google Play” and uninstall all its updates as well. To remove updates, get into “Settings” followed by “Apps/Applications”. Scroll down to “Google Play Services” and hit on “Uninstall updates”.

Uninstall updates

Note: If you’re unable to get this done, then you may need to disable the Android device manager in the first place. For this, get to “Settings” > “Security” > “Device Administrators” > disable “Android Device Manager first”.

Now is the time when you should install the Google Play Services apk (downloaded in step 3 above). Reboot your device afterwards.

Subsequently, you need to again get into the “Settings” and then opt for “Developer Options”. Now, hit on “Select mock location app” and opt for “GPS JoyStick” here.

GPS JoyStick

Lastly, launch the “GPS JoyStick app” and navigate to “Settings” followed by toggling on the “Enable Suspended Mocking” switch.

Enable Suspended Mocking

2.2 For Android 6.0 and Above (Old Security Patch) - BEFORE March 5, 2017

That was a detailed tutorial about the Android security patch level released “AFTER March 5, 2017”. But if your Android security patch level is before March 5, 2017, what would you have to do? Well, worry not, here is exactly what steps you need to follow to make use of the GPS joystick app to fake GPS location.

First, you need to navigate to the “Settings”. Then, opt for “Developer Options” and hit on “Select mock location app” followed by selecting the “GPS JoyStick” app here.

Select mock location app

Lastly, launch the “GPS JoyStick app” to fake GPS location and navigate to “Settings”. Thereafter, toggle on the “Indirect Mocking” switch, and you’re done.

Indirect Mocking

2.3 For Android 4 or 5

For the users of Android OS version 4 or Android OS version 5, there’s not much you need to do. Here is the exact method that you need to get through.

Get the “GPS JoyStick apk” installed over your device and then proceed to “Developer Options” available under the “Settings” menu. Then, hit on the “Select mock location app”.

Developer Options

Now, “GPS JoyStick app” to fake GPS location and get started with the FGL pro joystick control.

You will then have the FGL pro joystick control is visible on your Android screen. Thereafter, head back to the “Developer Options” and get the “Mock Locations” disabled.

Lastly, launch the “Pokemon GO” and you’re all set to fake GPS go with a joystick.

Part 3: How to bypass the blacklist of games like Pokemon GO

There are chances when you get caught by Pokemon Go for spoofing GPS location and get blocked/blacklisted for making use of fake GPS location apk. Here’s a workaround for bypassing the blacklist of games like Pokemon Go.

Download and then install the most recent version of GPS JoyStick apk. Now, launch it, and then hit on the “Privacy Mode” link available under the “Quick Options” section on the home screen. This will generate a unique copy of the app specifically for you.

Quick Options

Next, you need the generated app installed and get through with the setup process with the streak of steps listed below.

Now, you need to uninstall the original fake GPS joystick for Pokemon Go. Also, ensure that to uninstall every other spoofing/fake GPS apps that can potentially be on the Pokemon GO blacklist.

Thereafter, make use of the specifically generated GPS joystick on Pokemon Go to bypass the blacklist warning!

Lastly, utilize the “Update” button after hitting on the “Privacy Mode” link under the “Quick Options”. Then, navigate to the previously generated app from the appearing pop up. This will generate the update for it, and you’re all done.

bypass the blacklist of games

Part 4: How to Use GPS Joystick to Fake Location on iPhone

When you fake GPS Joystick location, you can double the joy in playing location-based games like Pokemon go, Ingress, Zombies, Run, Geocaching, etc. All these games make use of the phone location, and it will be quite interesting if you move on with exciting places worldwide.

Do you want to fake GPS Joystick on iPhone?

Are you tired of searching for an effective GPS Joystick to fake location on the iPhone?

You would have ended up with a conclusion that there are no reliable and effective apps to fake location on the iPhone.

Dr. Fone’s specialist team presents Dr.Fone - Virtual Location for the gaming lovers to fake GPS Joystick on iPhone. You can now move the joystick to the desired location in no time using Dr.Fone.

Stepwise procedure to fake GPS with a joystick on iPhone

Step 1: Launch the app

After a successful download, install the app through the guiding wizard. Click the Dr.Fone app icon to explore its features. Using a USB cable, attach your iPhone with your PC.

attach your iPhone with your PC

Step 2: Set a virtual location

On the first screen of Dr.Fone app, choose the ‘Virtual Location’ option.

choose Virtual Location

Step 3: Modify the location address

Tap ‘Get Started’ option then add a new address in the ‘Teleport’ mode. To choose ‘Teleport’ mode, you have to select the first icon at the top-right screen. Next, enter the address at the top left side of the window. You can enter any address around the globe to fake GPS joystick location.

virtual location 04

Step 4: Changed Location in the app

Now the Dr.Fone app displays your desired address as your current location. You can verify it by spotting the location on the map view.

verify new location

Step 5: Location on iPhone

Next, you must check your default current location in map view on iPhone, and you will witness the modified location in pace with your desired address.

witness the modified location

Step 6: Play Pokemon Go without moving

Now use the “one-stop route” or “multi-stop route” to simulate the real-world movement without moving. Just play Pokemon go to explore new Pokemons on different locations and gain more points through an effective fake GPS joystick location app Dr.Fone.

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