In 2024, Can Life360 Track You When Your Realme 12+ 5G is off? | Dr.fone

In 2024, Can Life360 Track You When Your Realme 12+ 5G is off? | Dr.fone

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Can Life360 Track You When Your Realme 12+ 5G is off?


Did you know that your Realme 12+ 5G tracks your location even when turned off? And if you’re a member of any social media network, it means you could be tracked. Do you like to have your privacy? Do you want to protect your kids from being tracked by strangers?

Of course Yes! Well, then you should know that Your Realme 12+ 5G can track your movements even when switched off. But is that true?

In the event that you switch off your Realme 12+ 5G, the GPS function will also be disabled. As a result, it will not be able to determine your position when your Realme 12+ 5G is turned off. However, Life360 will continue to provide the most recent location data that was uploaded to your account.

Should we trust Life360, the social media company that recently merged with Google, to protect our privacy? Let’s take a look at the facts.

Part 1: What Is Life360 And How Does It Work?

The one app that kids hate and parents adore is called Life360. Life360 is monitoring software that can be downloaded into your Realme 12+ 5G and used by the individuals who are part of your Family Circle to monitor your location and the location of anybody else who is part of your Family Circle.

The app works by sending a request to your cellular carrier to get your location and then sending that information to the Life360 servers. In addition, life360 will store your location and send it to your social networks automatically.

Life360 is not required to track your location, but it is required to send your location to your social networks.

If you want to know more about Life360, check out our Life360 Review.

When it comes to privacy, many people are becoming more aware of how it is being violated. As a result, there’s no need to worry about whether or not the monitoring app in concern is as trustworthy as Life360.

Disconnecting from Life360 is as simple as turning off your Realme 12+ 5G and preventing the app from following and reporting your every step. Unfortunately, it also means that no one can see where they are about one another or how long it has been since they last updated their position.

If the necessity ever arose, such an undertaking may be useful for maintaining one’s privacy. However, customers have no idea that Life 360 may still be used to monitor them by other people.

Premium users will still have access to the last 30 days’ worth of location data, so the other person will be able to see where you were last seen.

Part 3: 3 Ways to Stop Life360 from Tracking You

1. Low Data Consumption

Disabling Life360’s Wi-Fi and Data may result in a warning to parents that their children are offline so that they can keep an eye on their kids. Does life 360 drain the battery? Low data mode is a better option for turning off life360 without alerting your parents. Go to the Settings and locate Life360; however, do not deactivate the exact location.

low data consumption

Alternatively, you should disable background app refresh, mobile network, physical activity, and WIFI to save battery life. An issue with your Internet connection will come up instead of location stopped in this situation. So don’t connect to any Wi-Fi at all.

2. Fake Locations

Using location spoofing applications on an Android smartphone, your kids can fool you into thinking they’re somewhere else. Dr.Fone - Virtual Location is a location spoofing application that will trick you into thinking that you are in a different location than you really are. The GPS position of the Realme 12+ 5G device will be updated to reflect the new place that you have chosen thanks to the software. It is worth noting that Dr. Fone - Virtual Location for iOS may also enable you to imitate GPS movement.

It has several other noticeable features that can help you in your daily life.

access virtual location feature

3. Setting Wi-Fi and Data Services to “Off.”

Another typical method kids use to prevent their parents from monitoring their position is to disable Life360’s Wi-Fi and Data. It works like this. If you don’t want applications updating in the background, enable power-saving mode.

Use a wired connection. Adolescents can turn off Wi-Fi and data when using the Life360 app on an iPhone. Go to Settings, look for Life360, and disable Cellular Data, Background Refresh, and Motion & Fitness. You’ll be able to keep track of where you are on Life360.

low data consumption

All these methods can be used to Stop Life360 from Tracking You. However, the best all-in-one solution is a third-party application called Dr.Fone. This Virtual Location Software helps you keep your tracking off, but you can also fake your location very easily in minutes.


Can you track a phone if the location is off? Life360 has become a standard feature of many smartphones. Parents often use it to monitor their children’s location. The fact that Life360 can be used to track users is quite disturbing. The good news is that there are ways to stop Life360 from tracking you. The best and all-in-one solution is a third-party application called Dr.Fone - Virtual Location .

5 Easy Ways to Change Location on YouTube TV On Realme 12+ 5G

Through YouTube TV, people can access different TV channels such as news, sports, and entertainment. However, as every YouTube TV works in accordance with the assigned home area, sometimes you can forget or are unable to change the home area, which can lead to certain restrictions. If you want to change the location of YouTube TV to access more services, this article is for you.

Continue reading this article to learn how to change your YouTube TV location with the help of easy methods so that you won’t tire yourself. You can easily bypass YouTube TV restrictions by following this authentic guide.

Part 1: Change your Home Area to Change Location on YouTube TV

Before jumping on the method to change YouTube TV location, keep in mind that YouTube only allows changing the location twice a year. In this part, we will provide a manual method to change location on YouTube TV for both iOS and Android devices:

How to Change Your Home Area on an iOS Device

Step 1: Start logging into your YouTube TV account and navigating to your profile icon. Select “Settings” and then tap on “Area.”

Step 2: Afterward, tap on “Home Area” and then choose the option “Update” right next to it.

How to Change Your Home Area on a Computer or Android

Step 1: Signing to your YouTube TV on your Realme 12+ 5G or through a web browser. Afterward, tap on your profile icon to proceed.

Step 2: Go to “Settings” from the profile and then select “Area.” Now, locate the “ Home Area” option and click on it.

Step 3: Tap on the “Update” option next to the “Home Area” option.

Part 2: Using VPN to Bypass YouTube TV Restrictions

Sometimes, users encounter certain YouTube TV restrictions due to their home area changes. This section will suggest four amazing VPNs to help you bypass any YouTube TV restrictions.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is a well-trusted VPN that provides exceptional security and protection from malware attacks. Furthermore, by using this VPN, you can change your device or computer location to any country by selecting a fast and secure server from its available options. Hence, you can enhance your cyber security to a great level through this platform while accessing inaccessible content.

nordvpn official website

2. Surfshark

Do you want to encrypt your browsing activity on your devices? Use Surfshark to browse in a secure manner so that no one can steal or track your information. You can also change your location through this platform to strengthen your privacy across online sites. You can access any specific YouTube TV content by selecting any location from its US servers category.

surfshark vpn service

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN enables the users to change the server’s location anytime and from anywhere across the world. It gives great reliability access to the server location in 94 countries. Moreover, you can enjoy internet browsing with great network speed through it.

expressvpn for youtube tv

4. CyberGhost

To bring your digital security to the next level, CyberGhost is a good option to rely upon. It is a one-click location changer VPN that helps you connect anywhere within seconds with a secured IP address. After that, you can anonymously visit and use online sites through its encrypted VPN protocols and safely hide your identity.

cyberghost youtube tv vpn










Max Contract Length

24 Months

24 Months

12 Months

39 Months


Monthly Plan Cost





IP Addresses

5000 Servers

3200 Servers

3000 Servers

8000 Servers

Support System

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Support Main Streaming Platforms

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+

Netflix, HBO Max, Hotstar

Netflix, Apple TV+, Hulu

Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+

Part 3: One-stop Tool to Change GPS Location on iOS and Android

Although VPNs provide a great way to change YouTube TV location through IP address, it still lacks accuracy with the location. To be more precise with region accuracy, Dr.Fone – Virtual Location changes GPS location to connect your Realme 12+ 5G with a particular area in a specific city. As VPNs change the location by connecting to the city’s server via IP address, Dr.Fone targets the exact location in any city by using GPS.

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location helps the users locate a precise location for YouTube TV to access specific TV channels and features. Moreover, you can instantly change your YouTube TV location with a single click. Using this tool, you can fake your location anywhere in the world with excellent speed.

For changing YouTube TV location through Dr.Fone, use the below instructions:

Step 1: Navigate Virtual Location

Download Dr.Fone on your computer and open its main home page. Select “Virtual Location” from the displayed options by clicking on it. Now connect your smartphone to your computer via a USB cable.

access virtual location feature

Step 2: Show Current Location

A new window will pop up displaying your current location on a map. However, if you cannot locate it, click on the “Center On” icon that will show your current location.

tap on get started button

Step 3: Turn On Teleport Mode

To turn on the teleport mode, click on the second icon that you can locate on the top right. Then, type the area in the search box and press the “Go” button.

choose destination

Step 4: Confirm Location

Confirm by clicking on the “Move Here” option on the pop-up message. Once done, your phone will be connected to the chosen location, and thus YouTube TV location will be changed automatically.

tap on move here button

Part 4: FAQs

  1. Is it allowed to watch YouTube TV other than the home area?

Yes, it is allowed to watch YouTube TV other than the home area in the US, but the channels will differ from location to location. You can watch national programs, including local programs and other YouTube videos, while traveling domestically in the US.

  1. How to modify the time zone on YouTube TV?

To change the time zone on YouTube TV, open your YouTube TV and click on your profile icon. Next, go to the “Settings” and tap on the “Area.” Now, locate “Home Area” and upgrade the time zone concerning your home area.

  1. Is it possible to watch YouTube TV in multiple locations?

You can easily watch YouTube TV in multiple locations, but to be careful, you should check your home area frequently in a month to be aware of local networks.

  1. Are users allowed to watch YouTube TV at two different houses?

YouTube has provided easy access through membership that allows the users to watch YouTube TV at two different houses. You can create a family group and let 5 members watch YouTube TV.


This writing comprises a detailed guide regarding the YouTube TV change location and the exact steps. We have also mentioned some of the well-trusted VPNs to change YouTube TV location, but to be precise in the results, we have suggested Dr.Fone - Virtual Location as a complete and advanced tool for changing the location.

How To Simulate GPS Movement With Location Spoofer On Realme 12+ 5G?

When you are playing location-based games like Pokemon Go, you might need to simulate GPS movement to catch more Pokemon. To do this, you can use the GPS movement feature of Wondershare Dr.Fone - Virtual Location . This feature allows you to simulate GPS movement between two or multiple spots on the map. Here’s how you can do it:

Part 1: Simulate Movement Along a Route (One-Stop Route)

You can set up a one-stop route when mocking locations fake with Dr.Fone - Virtual Location. This particular feature helps users to set up looping or round trips within a specific location. To perform the steps for simulating movement, look ahead for a better understanding:

Step 1Access One-Stop Route Function

Once you launch Wondershare Dr.Fone - Virtual Location and connect your smartphone successfully, proceed to select the One-Stop Route function from the top-right section. The function is represented by the third icon from the left in the section. While you have already teleported to another location or are using your current location, you can tap anywhere on the map to set your destination location.

activate one stop route mode

Step 2Define Simulation Parameters

Enter a number to define how many times you want to go back and forth, and select whether you want a Round trip or a Loop trip. Drag the slider on the speed option to set how fast you want to walk. Proceed to click Move Here on the bottom to start the movement simulation.

set parameters to simulate

Step 3Start Simulation Movement

The respective simulation starts, and you can see your position is moving on the map with the speed you set. If you wish to hold the simulation, click Pause or tap Clear to revert to your original state.

start one stop simulation

Part 2: Simulate Movement Along a Route (Multi-Stop Route)

You can try the multi-stop mode if you want to pass by multiple places along a route on the map. Learn how it is done when you are trying to **spoof location on Android/**iOS:

Step 1Start Multi-Stop Route and Set Parameters

Activate the Multi-Stop Route mode from the top-right section next to the One-Stop Route mode. After activating the mode, set multiple spots on the map by clicking your required place. Define the number of trips and speed. Click Start Moving to initiate the process.

Note: Select the spots along a specific road to prevent the game developer from thinking you are cheating.

activate multi stop simulation

Step 2View Multi-Stop Route Movement

As the simulation starts, click Pause at any instance where you want to stop the simulation. You can also Clear all settings if required.

execute multi stop route simulation

Part 3: Use Joystick for More Flexible GPS Control (Joystick Movement)

Dr.Fone has integrated the joystick feature into the Virtual Location program to spare 90% of the labor for GPS control. You can always find the joystick on the lower left part in teleport mode. And you can also click the joystick button in the upper right (the 5th one) to use the joystick feature.

try joystick movement for simulation

The joystick, like one-stop route or multi-stop route modes, aims to facilitate GPS movement on the map. But what’s better? The joystick lets you move on the map by changing directions in real time. Here are the two main scenes where you will definitely love the joystick.

  • Automatic GPS movement: Click the Start button in the middle, and the automatic movement starts. Then just change the directions as you like by 1) clicking the left or right arrows, 2) dragging the spot around the circle, 3) pressing keys A and D on the keyboard, or 4) pressing keys Left and Right on the keyboard.
  • Manual GPS movement: Move forward by constantly clicking the Up arrow in the program and long-pressing the key W or Up on the keyboard. Reverse by constantly clicking the Down arrow, or long-pressing the key S or Down on the keyboard. You can also tweak the directions using the four ways above before moving forward or reverse.

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