In 2024, Can Life360 Track You When Your Realme Narzo 60x 5G is off? | Dr.fone

In 2024, Can Life360 Track You When Your Realme Narzo 60x 5G is off? | Dr.fone

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Can Life360 Track You When Your Realme Narzo 60x 5G is off?


Did you know that your Realme Narzo 60x 5G tracks your location even when turned off? And if you’re a member of any social media network, it means you could be tracked. Do you like to have your privacy? Do you want to protect your kids from being tracked by strangers?

Of course Yes! Well, then you should know that Your Realme Narzo 60x 5G can track your movements even when switched off. But is that true?

In the event that you switch off your Realme Narzo 60x 5G, the GPS function will also be disabled. As a result, it will not be able to determine your position when your Realme Narzo 60x 5G is turned off. However, Life360 will continue to provide the most recent location data that was uploaded to your account.

Should we trust Life360, the social media company that recently merged with Google, to protect our privacy? Let’s take a look at the facts.

Part 1: What Is Life360 And How Does It Work?

The one app that kids hate and parents adore is called Life360. Life360 is monitoring software that can be downloaded into your Realme Narzo 60x 5G and used by the individuals who are part of your Family Circle to monitor your location and the location of anybody else who is part of your Family Circle.

The app works by sending a request to your cellular carrier to get your location and then sending that information to the Life360 servers. In addition, life360 will store your location and send it to your social networks automatically.

Life360 is not required to track your location, but it is required to send your location to your social networks.

If you want to know more about Life360, check out our Life360 Review.

When it comes to privacy, many people are becoming more aware of how it is being violated. As a result, there’s no need to worry about whether or not the monitoring app in concern is as trustworthy as Life360.

Disconnecting from Life360 is as simple as turning off your Realme Narzo 60x 5G and preventing the app from following and reporting your every step. Unfortunately, it also means that no one can see where they are about one another or how long it has been since they last updated their position.

If the necessity ever arose, such an undertaking may be useful for maintaining one’s privacy. However, customers have no idea that Life 360 may still be used to monitor them by other people.

Premium users will still have access to the last 30 days’ worth of location data, so the other person will be able to see where you were last seen.

Part 3: 3 Ways to Stop Life360 from Tracking You

1. Low Data Consumption

Disabling Life360’s Wi-Fi and Data may result in a warning to parents that their children are offline so that they can keep an eye on their kids. Does life 360 drain the battery? Low data mode is a better option for turning off life360 without alerting your parents. Go to the Settings and locate Life360; however, do not deactivate the exact location.

low data consumption

Alternatively, you should disable background app refresh, mobile network, physical activity, and WIFI to save battery life. An issue with your Internet connection will come up instead of location stopped in this situation. So don’t connect to any Wi-Fi at all.

2. Fake Locations

Using location spoofing applications on an Android smartphone, your kids can fool you into thinking they’re somewhere else. Dr.Fone - Virtual Location is a location spoofing application that will trick you into thinking that you are in a different location than you really are. The GPS position of the Realme Narzo 60x 5G device will be updated to reflect the new place that you have chosen thanks to the software. It is worth noting that Dr. Fone - Virtual Location for iOS may also enable you to imitate GPS movement.

It has several other noticeable features that can help you in your daily life.

access virtual location feature

3. Setting Wi-Fi and Data Services to “Off.”

Another typical method kids use to prevent their parents from monitoring their position is to disable Life360’s Wi-Fi and Data. It works like this. If you don’t want applications updating in the background, enable power-saving mode.

Use a wired connection. Adolescents can turn off Wi-Fi and data when using the Life360 app on an iPhone. Go to Settings, look for Life360, and disable Cellular Data, Background Refresh, and Motion & Fitness. You’ll be able to keep track of where you are on Life360.

low data consumption

All these methods can be used to Stop Life360 from Tracking You. However, the best all-in-one solution is a third-party application called Dr.Fone. This Virtual Location Software helps you keep your tracking off, but you can also fake your location very easily in minutes.


Can you track a phone if the location is off? Life360 has become a standard feature of many smartphones. Parents often use it to monitor their children’s location. The fact that Life360 can be used to track users is quite disturbing. The good news is that there are ways to stop Life360 from tracking you. The best and all-in-one solution is a third-party application called Dr.Fone - Virtual Location .

3 Ways to Change Location on Facebook Marketplace for Realme Narzo 60x 5G

Facebook Marketplace is a hub designed within Facebook that enables Facebook users to buy and sell stuff online. This marketplace has optimized the chances of buying and selling legit stuff, including household appliances, clothes, and electronic devices. You must enter the pictures of that product and write a good description.

All the potential buyers from the nearest locations will access it. Moreover, you can look up stuff on the marketplace and order your favorite product with just simple clicks. It is also possible if you want to change the location of marketplace listings to attract buyers and sellers of your nearby areas.

The following discussed points in the article will teach you how to change location on the Facebook marketplace:

Part 1: How to Change Location on the Facebook Marketplace on iOS and Android Devices

The Facebook Marketplace is a feature that finishes the gap between social media and digital marketplaces. With this helpful feature, you can now buy and sell items on your Facebook account to other Facebook users. In addition, you can filter the listings and see the buyers from a specific location by changing to a location.

Here, we will teach you the steps involved in changing the FB Marketplace location on your Android and iOS devices:

Step 1: The first step requires you to open the Facebook app on your Realme Narzo 60x 5G or iPhone. Login to your Facebook account to initiate the procedure.

login to facebook account

Step 2: If you have an Android device, you will see a hamburger icon situated at the top-right corner. You have to click on it to access the Facebook menu. Or, if you have an iPhone, click on the three dots on the bottom side of the application.

access the facebook menu

Step 3; After doing the prior step, you will now access the “Facebook Marketplace” feature. Your current location will be written in blue on the upper-right side of the existing Marketplace listings. You should click it to change your Marketplace location.

open your location

Step 4: Use the “Search Bar’ at the top of the screen to search and select the new location. After entering the target place, tap on the “Apply” button. You can also adjust the distance slider below “Custom radius” to change the location.

add and apply new location

Step 5: Now, the Facebook Marketplace will refresh. You will now be able to see new listings for the selected location.

mobile facebook marketplace location changed

Part 2: How to Change Facebook Marketplace Location on Facebook Website

If you are using Facebook from a browser, it is also achievable to change the location and control the listings yourself. To perform this process on a browser, follow the given steps and achieve the Facebook marketplace change location:

Step 1: Access Facebook through the browser of your choice and sign in to your Facebook account.

sign in to facebook account

Step 2: There will be a “Marketplace” icon; click on it. Now, the current location will be displayed on the screen. You have to tap on your current location to fake the location of your marketplace.

tap on current marketplace location

Step 3: Enter the desired location and hit the “Apply” button. The listing search radius can also be changed with the help of the dropdown button.

find new marketplace location

Step 4: Facebook marketplace will be refreshed, and your new listings for the selected location will be visible.

marketplace location changed

Part 3: Facebook Marketplace Location Won’t Change? One-Click to Solve It

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location is an application that allows users to change their device location virtually. You can quickly teleport the GPS location to places of your choice. It is now super-easy and secure to virtually change your current location, bypass all the restrictions, and filter the listings on your Facebook marketplace.

What Makes Dr.Fone – Virtual Location the Best Solution?

The application holds a wide range of uses and characteristics, so it is considered the best way to change location. The following key points are mentioned why it is the best location changing solution available:

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

1-Click Location Changer for both iOS and Android

  • Teleport from one place to another across the world from the comfort of your home.
  • With just a few selections on your computer, you can change the location on your Facebook marketplace.
  • Stimulate and imitate movement and set the speed and stops you take along the way.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android systems.
  • Work with location-based apps, like Pokemon Go , Snapchat , Instagram , Facebook , etc.

3981454 people have downloaded it

Simple Steps to Fake your Location on Facebook Marketplace

The following step guide will assist you in changing the location of the marketplace listing to get targeted buyers or sellers for the Facebook marketplace:

Step 1: Install the Program

The first step requires downloading Dr.Fone- Virtual Location (iOS/Android). Now, install it and launch the software on your PC.

Step 2: Connect your Phone

Click on “Virtual Location” from the available options and connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable. IPhone users, once connected, can link the software with Wi-Fi without any USB cable. Now, press the “Get Started” button.

elect the virtual location feature

Step 3: Provide your Desired Location

Now, activate the “Teleport Mode” by clicking the first icon on the upper-right side. Next, enter the target place you want to teleport to and click on the “Go” button.

enable the teleport mode

Step 4: Change your Location

Now, click on “Move Here” in the popup box, and your location will be changed. Your Android or iOS device location will be shifted to the added location now. Then, you can open Facebook and see the buyers and sellers of the given location in the Marketplace.

tap on move here button

Part 4: FAQs about Facebook Marketplace

  1. What are the extra services for me after changing my location on Facebook Marketplace?

There are no extra services given on the Facebook Marketplace after changing the location. You will be able to access the audience of the selected location.

  1. Is it secure if I give my address on the Facebook marketplace?

You must not offer your full name and your contact details. Meet in a safe and public place such as a park, restaurant, shopping mall, or police station. However, you still should not give your details to the buyer.

  1. Why is my Facebook marketplace displaying the wrong address?

You might have used a VPN service in the past, which affected your actual address on the Facebook Marketplace. Don’t worry, as you can change the current location with a mere click.

  1. How to change the Facebook marketplace plan?

There is no plan required to use the Facebook Marketplace. This feature is entirely free for all Facebook users.

  1. How to maximize sales on the Facebook marketplace?

There are various methods to attract more buyers to you. First, try to optimize the Facebook listing by adding more keywords in the description and title. Also, write a longer description and explain more details about the item. You can also hire a photographer who will take good pictures of your product.


The article concludes with how to change location on the Facebook Marketplace to perceive buyers and sellers of your nearby areas. This way, you will be able to meet the buyer or seller yourself and discuss the product peacefully. With Dr.Fone - Virtual Location , you can change the location of the marketplace listing and teleport to a place you want to sell/buy in.

Safe download safe & secure

How to Stop My Spouse from Spying on My Realme Narzo 60x 5G

You may trust your spouse – but does your spouse trust you?

If you suspect you have a spying husband or a spying wife, it’s very likely that they don’t. You may have something to hide or you may have nothing to hide, but either way, knowing that you’re being spied on feels like a terrible invasion of your privacy.

With GPS and advanced tracking tools, your whereabouts can be easily located all the time. With advanced technology and features, spying on your phone has become easier than ever before. So, if you are also doubting that your spouse is spying on your phone, you are reading on the right page.

In the following parts of this writeup, you can learn how to know if someone is spying on your cell phone, how to stop someone from mirroring your phone, and many other related concerns.

Part 1: How can I tell if my husband or wife is spying on my Realme Narzo 60x 5G?

If you are suspecting that your phone is being hacked, several signs will indicate the same. So, if you too are looking for ways how to know if someone is spying on cell phones, check the below-listed signs.

1. Your phone feels sluggish

If you feel that your phone is running slow than usual then it might be hacked as spyware tools that are downloaded are resource-draining and thus makes the Realme Narzo 60x 5G device sluggish.

spying on phones

2. The battery is draining too fast

Though battery drain can alone not be a sign of the phone being hacked as with time the life of the battery starts decreasing. Still, it can be one of the signs as the hacking apps and tools are resource-draining which in turn decreases the battery life.

3. High data usage

Since the spyware sends a lot of the Realme Narzo 60x 5G device information to the hacker using the internet connection, the phone will experience high usage of data.

4. Monitoring your mail, email, phone calls, and/or text messages

When your emails, phone calls, and text messages are being checked or tracked that means your phone is being hacked.

5. Monitoring your use of social media (such as Facebook)

If your social media accounts like Facebook and others are kept an eye on it means that you are being watched and your phone is being hacked. Tracking you or your vehicle using GPS

hack without touching by social media

6. Tracking you or your vehicle using GPS

To know about your whereabouts the Realme Narzo 60x 5G device’s GPS and the vehicle movement are being tracked. If this is happening with you then it means that you are being spied on.

Part 2: What can be used when your phone is tracked?

Also, there are several ways by which your phone can be hacked. Listed below are the most common ones.

1. Pre-existing apps and services

One of the easiest and pocket-friendly ways of hacking the Realme Narzo 60x 5G device is by using the apps that are pre-installed on the phone. Minor changes in the settings of these apps can be made to manipulate them for your spouse who wants to hack your phone. Some of these apps and how they can be used for hacking are as below.

Google Chrome: Changing the logged-in account from yours to his/her will help the hacking spouse to get all the information from the browser like passwords, details of the cards, websites browsed, and more.

  • Google Maps or Find My iPhone: When the location sharing option is turned on the victim device, the hacking spouse can track the location easily.
  • Google account or iCloud data: If your spouse knows the password of your iCloud or Google account, they will easily have access to all the data that is backed up on iCloud. Further, the data can also be used for cloning your device and getting access to personal information.

2. Tracking apps

These are the legitimate apps that can be downloaded from the App store on your phone. Though these tracking apps are mainly used by parents for monitoring their children, a lot of spouses use them for tracking and spying on their partners as well.

3. Spyware

remove spyware

This is one of the most widely used methods where the software or an app is installed on the Realme Narzo 60x 5G device to retrieve the Realme Narzo 60x 5G device data. The victim partner is unaware of any such apps installed on their device and the data is sent to the hacking partner. A wide range of these spyware tools is available in the market in different price brackets. These spyware apps can retrieve data like chats, call details, messages, browsing history, passwords, and much more.

Part 3: How should I respond when I learn my spouse is spying on me?

So, now when you are sure that you are being spied on by your partner, what is the next thing to do? Depending on how you want to deal with the situation your response and its related actions will depend.

Response 1: Reassure your partner and gain the trust

Firstly, if you know that you are not doing anything wrong or want to prove your worth, let your spouse keep tracking you. In the end, when your spouse will not find anything suspicious about your activities and your location, he/she will know that you are right. Moreover, you can even install a GPS on your phone that you’re so that your spouse is aware of your whereabouts all the time, and when nothing suspicious will be found out he will stop spying on you.

Response 2: Stop your spouse from spying on you by actionable methods

Another response here is to stop your spouse from spying on you. No matter whether you are into something suspicious or not, why let anyone, even if be it your spouse as well, spy on you? So, if you want to stop your spouse from spying on your, take the help of the below-listed methods.

Method 1: Set up and change all your passwords

The most common way of spying is by getting access to your accounts and social media sites. So, to stop your spouse from spying on your change all your passwords so that even if your spouse had the earlier passwords, he will now not be able to have access using them. Also, set up passwords on your special media accounts and related activities. Putting a screen lock on your device will also prevent your spouse from getting access to your phone.

Method 2: Fake a location to anti-spy from your spouse

Another way is to anti-spy from your spouse which means that let him spy on you but he/she will get the wrong information about your location and activities. For anti-spying, take the help of the below methods.

  1. VPNs

By changing the VPN of your device, you can set a false location and your spouse will be tricked and will be forced to believe that you are somewhere else than your actual location. To change Virtual Private Network (VPN) there are different services available and some of the most popularly used ones are Express VPN, IPVanish, SurfShark, NordVPN, and others.

stop spouse from spying on you by vpns

  1. A Reliable location changer, Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

Another interesting way to trick your spouse and set a fake location for your device is by using a professional tool called Dr. Fone-Virtual Location. This excellent software works with all the latest models and OS of Android and iOS devices and lets you set any fake location of your choice, which will not be detected by anyone else. Simple to use, the tool will let you teleport anywhere in the world.

Key features of Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

  • Works with all the latest Android and iOS devices including iPhone 13.
  • Compatible with all latest iOS and Android OS versions.
  • Allows you to teleport your device anywhere in the world.
  • Simulated GPS movement.
  • Works with all location-based apps like Snapchat , Pokemon Go , Instagram , Facebook , and more.
  • Simple and quick process of changing the location.

You can check out this video for further instruction.

Safe download safe & secure

Steps to change device location using Dr. Fone-Virtual Location

Step 1. Download, install and launch the software on your system. From the main interface choose the “Virtual Location” tab.

home page

Step 2. Connect your Android or iOS phone to your system and then after it’s successfully connected, click on Next at the software interface.

connect phone with virtual location

Step 3. The actual location of your device will now appear in the new window. If the location is not correct, you can tap on the “Center On” icon present in the lower right to display your correct location.

virtual location map interface

Step 4. Now, click on the “teleport mode” icon present on the upper-right side. At the upper-left field enter the desired location where you wish to teleport to and then click on the Go button.

search a location on virtual location and go

Step 5. Next, click on the “Move Here” option at the pop-up box and your device location will be successfully set to the one you selected.

move here on virtual location

Method 3: Take advantage of anti-spyware software

Another way to stop your spouse from spying on you is by using anti-spy software. Just like spy software sends your location and other information to the hacking spouse, an anti-spyware tool will prevent tracking your device and will prevent from sharing your device information like calls, messages, and others. There are several anti-spyware tools for Android and iOS available in the market and some of the popular ones are Mobile Security & Anti-Theft Protection, iAmNotified, Avira Mobile Security, Cell Spy Catcher, Lookout, and more.

Response 3: Seek a Divorce

Spying on your spouse is not only illegal but also unethical. So, if you feel that your trust has been shattered by your spouse by keeping an eye on your phone and your activities and staying with him/her does not seem to be possible, seek a divorce. It’s better to come out of a relationship, instead of staying the one where there is no trust or respect.

Part 4: Hot FAQs on spying

No, it is not legal to spy on a spouse in Maryland. Violating the Maryland Wiretap Act and Maryland Stored Wire Act will lead to criminal penalties. As per the law, any person, be it your spouse cannot record your calls without your consent, guess the password to have access to any account, or keep a check on any personal activities. These are considered illegal.

Q 2: Can someone spy on my Realme Narzo 60x 5G through linked contacts?

No, your phone cannot be spied on using any common or linked contacts.

Q 3: Can someone spy on my Realme Narzo 60x 5G without touching it?

Yes, your phone can be spied on without anyone touching it or having access to it. There are several advanced spyware tools available that can let a person have access to all your phone information like messages, calls, emails, and more. In a few quick steps, a hacker can use his/her phone to enable the spying process of your device.

Wrap it Up

The technological advancements may have brought a lot of convenience to the users but on the flip side there is a dark side to it as well and one of these is spying tools. So, if you too have been doubting that your spouse is keeping an eye on your phone and whereabouts, the above content will surely help you.

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